Waverland Features:

  Justin McIver   Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Producer, Mixer

Justin McIver
Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Producer, Mixer

  Ryan Kuhnlein   Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer

Ryan Kuhnlein
Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer

From Miami to the Keys - It was the trip that sparked the formation of Waverland during the spring of 2007. Long time friends Ryan Kuhnlein and Justin McIver decided to write an anthem for their Florida trip only days before embarking. This song would later come to be known as the title track to their debut album - Visit Our Fascinations. 

What started out as something that was just for fun ended up being something that everyone of all ages enjoyed. After hearing great feedback on their songs and how it put people in a good mood, they decided to set their current musical paths aside and continue to work on this new, upbeat and fun style of music..... 

In the debut album, this island-style of music should ease your thoughts into a vacation state-of-mind. It’s a mindset that anyone can have, but few allow themselves to enjoy. .... As more songs were being written, more inspiration was given by those who were supporting the music. Even months before the CD was completed, Waverland was already getting support from their local radio station and getting multiple plays on the air after dropping off a demo. From more upbeat songs like "Lonely Cries" and "Jukebox Bay" to more relaxing songs like "Under the Canopies," it fits a great range of styles while being completely unique for its genre..... 

No matter where you are, Waverland's music will take you to the other side; a place where the air is warm, the breeze is slow, and paradise is just a melody away. ....

It’s a mindset that anyone can have, but few allow themselves to enjoy

features & Publications

Waverland has a track record of licensing their music, including a 60 second spot in Buick's brand anthem commercial that aired during the Men's Final Four NCAA tournament. Their instrumentals can be heard on television networks such as E!, MTV, Big Ten Network, and many more.

Their catchy and uplifting music has landed them features in magazines on top of enjoying a summer of their songs being played daily on the radio throughout southwest Michigan. 

In addition to their licensing and radio airplay, Waverland has had the privilege of performing live on television in Grand Rapids on two separate occasions, and have also played showcase performances during the Venetian Festival in St. Joseph, MI.